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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Too Many Options

First, I'm biting my nails wondering if purchasing my own franchise is something that could really happen, then all of a sudden it's already happening. Also, I'm in a bit of a bind/crossroads because too many options have now presented themselves. Here's what I see as my six options at the moment. I can:

1.] Purchase a refranchised Sylvan Learning Center from corporate.

2.] Get a territory from corporate.

3.] Invest in a territory from another individual or broker.

4.] Finance an existing Sylvan from an individual owner. I've got some brokers looking into this for me.

5.] All of the above. Go gung ho, explore ALL of the above options, then make a more informed decision.

6.] None of the above. Hold off for now, 6 months to 2 years, build up some "personal reserves" of $$$, get more experience with Sylvan, selling, managing, marketing, etc. <-- was my original plan

So far, I've only really made any headway with #1, and the numbers are not exciting enough to entice my investors. Please, your comments.

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