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Friday, April 18, 2008

Small Business Primer | Strategies for Success

Steps to getting my money right.

1. Talk to family and friends; let them know of intentions.

2. Expand social and professional networking through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

3. Make an initial plan of attack. First step, take the SBA's Small Business Primer | Strategies for Success training workshop. There are a ton of links here. First take a 25-question, yes/no entrepreneurship self-assessment. Then start to analyze the viability of the business idea. Gather the facts about the opportunity, obtain the financial and legal information, and make an informed decision. Do some market research as well. Next, write that business plan. and get assistance if needed. Third, seek professional legal advice. Consider your company structure, required licenses and permits, and federal requirements. With the facts, plan, and adviser in hand, now get some money. Oh yeah, all the while, evaluate the incoming market research data and formulate the marketing plan. Easy! In summary, this SBA training workshop details a standard approach for moving forward with a business venture. Now to add all these tasks to rtm.